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360 Photography is one of the latest tools in the Social Media ToolKit to share your Reality!

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Virtual.Photo has been producing and experimenting with 360 Photo and Video since 2014. After shooting and testing with a variety of cameras and processes we have settled with the Richo Theta for it's speed and quality. This reduces your base costs on image well as in post production editing. The end result is savings for the client and photographer.
Project demands may require additional cameras and equipment. Collaborators for hire and rental shops can always be contracted to support the scope of the production.

Tour Creator Samples:

Google has provides an online repository through Google Poly. 3d objects as well as 360 Tours provide the opportunity to present a cloud based Virtual Tour. Once we have the 360 tour images we post process them and generate the content using the Google Tour Creator.

This 360 tour was created for Canacon.Construction for thier Website.

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OpenHouse Tour Samples

Google My Business & Google Street View

Our photographers can work with you to highlight your business online.

Let us create 360 Listings on Google StreetView, create a 360 Walk Through or full 360 Tours for your business.

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Work with local Streetview Trusted Photographers to capture your reality!

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Simple Panoramic

Science World overlooking False Creek in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Google Street View Photography

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360 Photo's draw you into the immersive experience.

Google Expert Photographer

Add 360 Photo's through Google Street view and link them to your Google My Business Listing.

We started in film and digitized!

360 Spherical Photography

360 Cameras are the latest tool in your social media toolkit.

We have assembled a few of our 360 panoramic still photo's into Virtual Open House tours. These samples have been taken with a Richo Theta V providing 14M 4k images. These tours can be quickly shared or embedded as needed. Virtual Open House Tours allow you to create social distancing and reduce walk through traffic. Pictures can be staged to suite your needs. Digital Editing is available for those situations where it is needed.

Renovations and Construction Work completed by Canacon.Construction

360 Real Estate Tour Samples - from www.Virtual.Photo/tours/

Canacon.Construction w 12th Renovation 360

Southlands Update by Canacon.Construction

West Side Loft by Canacon.Construction

The Colorful Condo

Westside Home updated by Canacon.Construction

These 360 images and slide shows created for Virtual Real Estate Showcase.

Renovations and Construction Work completed by Canacon.Construction 1.604.564.5964


360 Photo's captured by James Balatti using a Richo Theta V presented with Poly Tour Creator

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