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360 Mono Photo & Video, 360 Steroscopic Photo & Video,

360 Production Services, 360 Tours, 360 Walk Throughs

Start the converstation by dropping us an email or phone call. Let us know what your project is and the date that you wish to photograph the location or event.
We serve southern British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Travel Fees are based on travel from Vancouver BC.

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3 Images
6 images
10 images

360 Open House
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20 Images
30 images
50 images

* Base Pricing for Photography & Nadir Edit. Travel Time and Custom Edits extra. *


$400-$1200 Daily Rate based on scope.

Location Fees Start at:
$50 Downtown Vancouver
$75 Greater Vancouver
$100 Gulf Islands & Vancouver Island

Digital Usage Rights included for Social Media, Google My Business, Google Street View, Website etc.

Weddings, Real Estate Tours, Corporate Gatherings, Live Streaming, Training, Employee Onboarding, Site Orientations

Customized Packages built to your needs.

Promotional Videos & Worldview 360 1080p Video's

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By Appointment Only Vancouver & Gulf Islands Regions

360 Photography of False Creek Ferries Vancouver BC

360 equirectangular images are stitched together and used with a viewer to create the spherical. This is an example of an equirectangular jpg image before it is used with a viewer. Below you can see the 360 view.

Above: Equirectangular jpg file without viewer.

Below: Same image using a panoramic viewer.

360 Photography | Get the whole 360

360 Photography uses multiple images and stich them together to create "360 photos". There are multiple options to create 360 photos and videos. A standard DSLR you can be used to stitch multiple images in to a 360degree FOV (Field of View).

Spherical cameras like the GoPro Max or Richo's Theta bring two fish eye 180-degree images and auto-stitches the images together for an omni directional view. 14mp to 23mp images provide high resolution panoramics. One of the most popular platforms Google Streetview is the pinacle of 360 tours.

DSLR Panoramics can produce higher quality. Spherical Cameras provide an auto-stitching function so post processing is faster. 360 tours tend to use Monoscopic images. With the use of a multiple camera rig you can create higher resolution Stereoscopic '3D' images. Multiple aps also allow you to create 360 Panoramics from a mobile device.

360 Photography has become popular after platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube allow native uploads for equirectangular photo's and video's can be uploaded directly. One of our most popular services include Google Streetview Virtual Tours embedded into your Google My Business Listing in google Maps.

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360 Photos can be added to your Google My Business account.

Post your 360 Photo's to Google Maps / Google Streetview as part of your Google My Business Profile.

  Packages start at $99 for 3 images. See Rates Here.

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Virtual Open House

Social Distancing Friendly!

360 Virtual Tours are an affordable way to bring your Open House to the masses. Show your clients a 360 Virtual Open House viewable in the comfort of their own home. The Virtual Open House is a new standard in Real Estate showings.

Virtual Open Houses can increase user engagement, drive repeat views.
Imagine if your clients could preview your listings online open house. How many more listings you can close.

Construction Progress Documentation.

360 Photographs are an excellent way of sharing construction progress reports visually from site to office. Project Management and Site Supervisors are able to convey visual details to Engineers and Architech's easily.

Before: Site Layout

After: Ecavation Progress

360 Construction Site Safety Orientation Packages Available

Construction Industry Custom Packages Availalbe

Digital Imaging & Custom Work

360 & Traditional Digital Imaging Services

360 Image Editing, Titles, 360 Video Production

Get the whole 360

James Balatti Founder of Virtual.Photo has been a lifelong professional photographer covering a wide range photographic services. During the declining years of Kodak Films James apprenticeshiped with every form of film and print. In addition to weddings and portraits other services included auto racing, sports and real estate packages. The apprenticship continued while going to Vanouver Film School in the early '90's intro to digital imaging and video editing.

Since the dawn of photoshop and digitization of graphic arts James has followed his analog apprenticeship with digital skills development program. During a career as a Network and Computer Support Technician James discovered Virtual Reality and 360 Photography. 360 Monoscopic and Stereoscopic imaging for Virtual Reality has been a driving passion since 2014. Completing a variety of projects in 360 including becoming a Google Street View Level 7 Local Guide and Expert Photographer and one of the founding members of the 2017 YVRFF the Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival. (

360 Image below was a quick editing study created for my portfolio site www.MR.Tips

360 Panoramic Custom Editing

This self portrait above was created in photoshop experimenting with image placement and manipulation in an equrectangular environment.
These images were taken with a Richo Theta V 360 Monoscopic camera. Images were carefully placed within the spherical 360 photo to create a small portfolio of some of my favorite still images from 2019. This 360 collage was created in Photoshop. Other tools are also available for 360 editing.

360 Photography and Video Services - Custom Productions 4k Stills and Video

360 Imagines can be used as part of your Social Media Marketing. Posting 360 photos and videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and utillizing this new format media. The Camera captures in all directions making the perfect tool for making 360 spherical images. Spherical images capture the whole 360 from ceiling to floor nothing escapes capture.
The resulting omni-directional images are perfect to showcase Real Estate Listings, Hospitality locations, short term rentals, Restaurants, public facilities and more ...

Virtual.Photo We started on Film but now speak digital. Virtual.Photo We started on Film but now fluently digital.

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360 Specialists

360 Cameras are the latest tool in our camera kit. 360 Cameras are compact and lightweight making quick work for listing your Virtual Open House. The perfect compliment to your existing marketing program.
Virtual.Photo can create and produce 360 photo and video production. Customized 360 Tours can be tailored to your needs.

We also shoot Standard Photographs as well.

Package Pricing and Rates a reference are listed above. Custom Packages can be created to meet your requirements.

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